We Get It Done!

Are you looking for a company that specializes in gates, overhead doors, and more? Look no further than Gate Service NY! We install and service all types of gates, as well as overhead doors, garage doors, side folding gates, swing gates, sliding gates, springs, cables, steel parts, rollers and more. You can count on our ability to effectively get things done. In addition, we are known for our fast turnaround time, especially with emergency services.

Our Location

  • Main Office Location: 1463 5th Ave, New York, NY 10035

Who We Are

Gate Service NY was established in 2013, since then, we constantly strive to get positive reviews from all our clients by displaying superb workmanship and unmatched dedication in every project we take on.

Our competitive edge is our reliable service. Our philosophy is to tell every client the truth about the problem and try to repair the existing rather than replacing with new parts. You’ll get a good return on what you pay for because we’ll tell you exactly what the issue is and prioritize the necessary repairs above everything else.